Teriyaki Chicken Bacon “Sushi” Roll

Teriyaki Chicken Bacon “Sushi” Roll

Here’s a new recipe for you to try: Teriyaki Chicken Bacon “Sushi” Rolls! A simple way to have sushi right in your own home. Plus it’s Keto approved! Here’s to trying more recipes while we’re all stuck at home!





Total Time

30 min

Prep Time

15 min prep

Cook Time

15 min cook


  • 2.6oz pouch Teriyaki chicken or your favorite recipe
  • Wellshire Fully Cooked Paleo Bacon
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1/4 cup cream cheese


  1. Prepare teriyaki chicken according to recipe directions. Chop chicken finely in the sauce, to get it to the size and texture of chicken salad. Set aside.
  2. Cut slices of bacon in half. If strips come out of the package on the narrow side, feel free to double up.
  3. Chop carrot and cucumber into thin matchstick size pieces. Use the width of the bacon as a guide.
  4. Spread cream cheese over the bacon strips thickly. This will act as the glue when you roll the pieces up.
  5. Spoon small portions of the chicken into the center of the bacon. Gently lay the sticks of carrot and cucumber next to the chicken.
  6. Carefully roll the bacon around the chicken and vegetables, forming a rough “sushi” roll shape.
  7. Plate and serve cold!

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Teriyaki Chicken Bacon “Sushi” Roll

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